The True Origin Of Western Philosophy

Great Mosque of Djenn
Shonda Buchanan
August 24, 2020

The verdict stunned everyone – Socrates was found guilty! “I am not a heretic for sharing knowledge!” Socrates screamed at the angry mob.

The sentence for this heresy was death.

His former students cowered behind pillars, covering their faces, ashamed to be associated with Socrates, once a celebrated philosopher to Athenians. But now he was labeled a heretic for his ideas.

Why was he being persecuted?

He was put on trial, and sentenced to death, for sharing “foreign ideas.” Despite their efforts, those ideas, passed down for centuries, formed the basis of Western philosophy.

But if the ideas were “foreign,” where did he get them?

From African philosophy that explored justice, the liberal arts, and spirituality that he’d studied at Egyptian School of Mysteries!

Teachings from Egypt, Ghana, Nubia, Mali, and Ethiopia were stolen by Europeans. Socrates, the “founding father” of Western philosophy, stole Africa’s wisdom – without giving credit to African philosophers like Imhotep and Akenaton.

Though today Socrates is considered one of the greatest philosophers in history, he was killed for being an “enemy of the state” because he taught African philosophy.

We must destroy all myths that Africa had no philosophy, culture, or history before European interference. What will you teach your children about Africa’s contributions to the world?

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