Violations Committed By Judges Expose Their Records

Gavel in hand
Via Luke Air Force Base
William Anderson
August 19, 2020

Judges violate their oaths all the time. They do so by being racist, sexist, and by punishing people so harshly you wonder how they’re allowed to get away with it. Sometimes they blatantly break the law, too – but when they do, what happens to them is quite different.

Judges usually get off easy! This is because of the power they hold. A Reuters investigation found that between 2008 and 2019, “9 of every 10 judges were allowed to return to the bench after they were sanctioned for misconduct.” The things some of them got away with are unbelievable. 

One judge had sex in his chambers - multiple times! - while another had to take Breathalyzer tests before sitting on the bench following a DUI. People experienced racism from judges in numerous cases, and these people remained on the bench. This isn’t all completely surprising.

We know that the legal system doesn’t equally enforce the law. Thanks to judges protecting other judges, the system’s lack of oversight usually allows them to get away with violations. President Trump has even stacked courts to his liking. We can’t pretend the system works.

Black people have long known the criminal justice system has nothing to do with justice. It’s been a tool of white supremacy for generations, and we have to continue pushing back against its legitimacy. Judges, juries, and police are all part of the same problem we’re fighting!

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