What Caused One Of The Bloodiest Protests Ever?

CORE members during sit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter in Tallahassee
Leslie Taylor-Grover
September 16, 2020

It started simply. Black college students challenged segregation by ordering hamburgers and egg salad sandwiches from the local whites-only lunch counter. 

At first things went smoothly – until out of nowhere, everything went WAY left.

Led by the KKK, angry white people began BEATING the students with everything they could find, chasing them out of the restaurant!

At first, the hooligans targeted the students – but then they attacked ANY Black person they saw on the street! Their violent bloodlust didn’t end there.

Fueled by racism, the white mob started handing out ax handles to any racist who would take one! 

Finally, the police arrived at the bloody chaos. Black protestors ran towards them seeking help. Surely the men in blue would quell the violence, right?

Absolutely not! Some of the officers were KKK members themselves! They joined in with the racist attackers. 

Our people’s blood ran through the streets. It seemed like this nightmare would last forever. Could anything be done?

Thankfully, the protestors found refuge in a Black church, bringing an end to “Ax Handle Saturday” – one of the most violent attacks of peaceful protestors on record. 

We must remember that our fight for liberation is often an uphill battle.

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