When They Underestimated Him, He Made History

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August 27, 2019

William “Bill” Pinkney was a man with many unique talents. For three decades, he worked odd jobs, ranging from X-Ray technician and professional limbo dancer to crewman and cosmetics artist. 

But the birth of his grandchildren, April and Brian, sent him on the voyage of his life.

At 50, Pinkney had a strong desire to continue challenging himself and leave a legacy behind for his grandchildren. To do this, he turned to the job he was most passionate about: sailing. 

Pinkney was determined to perform a feat only three men prior had accomplished: sail around the world - and do it SOLO! He even chose the most DIFFICULT route - he was that confident! 

And so, despite naysayers, Pinkney began his journey in 1990.

From the Boston Harbor, he began his trip on a 47-foot-long boat aptly named The Commitment. With stops in Bermuda, Brazil, South Africa, and Australia, Pinkney completed his voyage in record time on June 9, 1992, becoming the FIRST Black man to circumnavigate the world!

This groundbreaking trip earned Pinkney the title of Captain of the Schooner La Amistad, replicated in honor of the enslaved Africans who fought for their freedom.

Captain William “Bill” Pinkney courageously lived life on his own terms, even when people doubted his abilities. But because he never doubted himself, he’ll forever go down in history with a legacy worth sharing.

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