Who's Responsible For These Modern Inventions?

African ceremony
Leslie Taylor-Grover
May 21, 2021

We know Africa is where all life and civilization started. It only makes sense that many of the modern advancements we take for granted were created by our ancestors! What doesn’t make sense is where some white scholars think they came from.

#1 – Steam Engines and Furnaces: Ancient engineers in Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania invented steam engines thousands of years before their European counterparts. When colonizers showed up to steal land, they were BIG MAD that our people were so far ahead of their own!

#2 – Medical Procedures: Vaccinations, C-sections, tooth implants, anesthesia, and even brain surgery were all performed in Egypt well before other parts of the world. This goes against white supremacist logic – but it gets even better.

#3 – Egyptian Pyramids: These architectural marvels aligned so perfectly with the stars that some white historians theorized they had to have been built by ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE! Never mind that our ancient ancestors were extremely skilled astronomers, and the world’s earliest astronomical site was Nabta Playa in the Sahara desert.

We are descendants of the most creative and intelligent people on Earth, despite white people’s doubts and wild theories. We must never forget that we can overcome and find ways to change the world – because we are the originators of knowledge and brilliance!

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