The Words Of An Outspoken Black Panther

Black Panther meeting
William Anderson
January 13, 2021

On Police And Occupation 

“The police in our community occupy our area, our community, as a foreign troop occupies territory. And the police are there not to promote our welfare or for our security or our safety, but they’re there to contain us, to brutalize us and murder us.” (Interview from prison)

On Systemic Injustice

“As long as the oppressor makes the laws, the people are not bound to respect them. We are bound to transform society and erect a system where our people will receive justice.” (Interview from 1970)

On Freedom From Unjust Law

“Laws should be made to serve the people. People should not be made to serve the laws. When laws no longer serve the people, it is the people’s right and the people’s duty to free themselves from the yoke of such laws.” (To Die For The People)

On The Black Panther Party For Self-Defense

“Many community people could not believe at first that we had only their interest at heart. Nobody had ever given them any support or assistance when the police harassed them, but here we were, proud Black men, armed with guns and a knowledge of the law.” (Revolutionary Suicide)

On Police And The Ruling Class

“The ‘police’ are everywhere and they all wear the same uniform and use the same tools, and have the same purpose: the protection of the ruling circle here in North America.” (Speech at Boston College)

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