Four Ways Biden Failed To Address Anti-Black Incarceration

joe biden pointing from a podium
Zain Murdock
February 21, 2022

Voting Biden into office made life better for us than under Trump, right? Well, not necessarily. From campaign lies to blatant abuse of power, Biden is dragging this country farther into dystopia – and Black people are facing the brunt of it.

#1: Incarceration 

When asked if he’d “commit to cutting incarceration by 50%,” President Joe Biden bragged, “We can do it more than that!” But since he’s taken office, the federal prison population grew for the first time in a DECADE. 

And his disappointments don’t stop there.

#2: COVID-19 

Two ways to help stop the rise of COVID-19? Releasing incarcerated people, and the first COVID-19 stimulus bill, the CARES Act. But jails and prisons are 90% of the U.S.’s top COVID-19 hot spots. And …

#3: Police Funding

After states mishandled CARES funding meant for things like healthcare and rent/mortgage relief, Biden was begged to make them stop. Instead, he ENDORSED spending it on policing, and allocated $651 million more for police in the 2022 budget. 

But at least this one wasn’t a lie – he was always against defunding the police.

#4: Clemency 

Out of 18,492 clemency petitions collecting dust on his desk, Biden has granted ZERO of them. Even Trump, who “granted clemency less than any other president in modern history,” did better than that.

Politicians lie to get our vote, then do the opposite of what they promised while in office – and Joe Biden’s no better. If we really want to challenge the systems that are killing us and fight for our liberation, we can't depend on politicians to take us there.

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