People Are Furious About The Killing Of Elijah McClain

Elijah McClain
Via @JusticeForElijahMcclain / Instagram
William Anderson
July 2, 2020

Elijah McClain was walking home in Aurora, CO, when he was confronted by police. A passerby called the cops after seeing him wearing a ski mask. They said he was “suspicious.” In the 15 minutes after police arrived, a horrific tragedy occurred.

He asked officers to leave him alone, and said he had a right to go home. They didn’t care, and brutally restrained him. He told them he couldn’t breathe, he vomited, he apologized, and he cried. Then things got even worse.

Elijah had a heart attack on the way to the hospital and died days later. One of the officers told another to move his body camera out of the way as the events unfolded - which means they knew what they were doing. Now, people are demanding justice.

Elijah told police he wouldn’t hurt a fly, literally: a former coworker spoke about him capturing a fly before and releasing it. He used to play violin to soothe stray cats, and now there are violin vigils for him - which police are cruelly making a mockery of. Another issue, too, shows how terrible this is.

Aurora police are the same department that took mass shooter James Holmes alive after he killed 12 people! Police are quick to kill us, but white mass shooters are taken alive. Elijah’s family deserves justice. The police that killed him shouldn’t get away with what they did.

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