Police Use A Black Child For “Propaganda”

Police with helmets
William Anderson
November 6, 2020

We’ve all seen “copaganda” before. It’s when police distort reality and create propaganda to cast themselves in a positive light. After police killed a disabled Black man named Walter Wallace Jr., in Philadelphia, they attacked a Black family – then lied to try and improve their image.

Philadelphia police attacked and beat a Black woman in her car, and proceeded to TAKE her child!

Once they had the child, the nation’s largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, posted deceptive copaganda that painted a completely different picture about what happened.

In a now deleted tweet, they lied: “This lost child was wandering around barefoot during the violent riots in Philadelphia ... The only thing this Philly police officer cared about was protecting this child.” But little did they know, the truth had been caught on camera.

They left out the fact that THEY had bashed in the car windows with the child still inside the vehicle! They also left out the fact they brutally attacked the woman's teen nephew too.

According to the family’s lawyer, police attacked them shortly after instructing them to turn around. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s images of police kneeling with protesters, playing with Black kids, or a police TV show. Copaganda is everywhere. It’s up to us to not fall for their anti-Black lies!

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