Police Were Promoted After Letting A Mass Murderer Go Free

Jeffrey Dahmer
William Anderson
October 1, 2020

Content Warning: The following story contains details about abuse and murder.

Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer was a ruthless murderer and sexual abuser. He admitted to doing unspeakable things to his victims, which totalled 17 people he murdered between 1978 and 1991. 

Even worse? He could have been stopped, but the police didn’t help.

Two Black women intervened when they found a dazed, drugged, naked and injured child named Konerak on the sidewalk. Dahmer had been torturing the boy, who nearly escaped. Police ignored the women and sided with Dahmer! 

They did the unthinkable after Dahmer told a blatant lie.

Dahmer told officers John A. Balcerzak and Joseph P. Gabrish that the injured child was a drunk boyfriend. The cops let Dahmer and the boy go, and threatened to arrest the Black women for challenging the lie!

Balcerzak was initially fired once the truth came out, but it’s never over that easy with the police.

Officer Balcerzak defended his actions and was reinstated. 

The worst part? A simple background check would have shown that Dahmer had abused Konerak’s brother years earlier and was on probation! Dahmer killed Konerak, and John Balcerzak was PROMOTED. And that’s not all.

Officer Balcerzak was recently congratulated by Milwaukee police upon his retirement!

This story reminds us that racism in policing can take lives in many ways. We must never forget Dahmer’s victims, many of whom were Black, or how police helped him take yet another life.

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