A President Who Won't Be Punished For His Actions

Donald Trump
William Anderson
February 18, 2021

When former President Donald Trump lost the election, he couldn’t take it. He invented a bunch of conspiracies about what happened, which fed an already volatile base of supporters and led up to a siege that would make his presidency incomparable.

President Trump was the only president in the history of the U.S. to be impeached twice, and one of few to only serve one term

Both impeachment trials, however, resulted in no conviction. The long list of consequence-free actions he took during his presidency shows how our “justice” system really works.

There was paying no taxes, violating the Hatch Act, assasination of an activist, suspect executive orders, neglecting a pandemic, trying to overturn an election, a long list of controversial firings, and so much more. Many of these things made people question whether the law applies to Trump, but the answer is already clear.

Sentencing disparities and the lack of punishment of white collar crime make it clear that punishment is mostly focused on Black people at the hands of a white supremacist criminal legal system. Trump's outrageous final pardons reinforced what we’re up against.

We cannot depend on a criminal “justice” system that is systematically designed to punish people more or less based on race, class, and power. We have to work to dismantle this system for this very reason. It can never guarantee us anything but oppression.

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