She Has Been Fighting For Gun Control For Decades

sheila jackson lee standing in front of microphones
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L. Graciella Maiolatesi
June 2, 2022

Days after the Uvalde, TX mass shooting, the National Rifle Association had the audacity to hold its convention. BLM Houston gathered in protest! 

One Black leader addressed the crowd – making sure her message was louder than a gun.

Known as the “Voice of Reason,” long-serving Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is determined to pass gun control laws. She’s been fighting this fight for 20 YEARS! 

In 1999, she was on the Congress task force addressing Columbine, one of America’s first mass school shootings.

Jackson Lee’s most recent bill proposes a national firearm registry, raising gun ownership age requirements, and ensuring owners be licensed, insured, and psychologically evaluated. 

With nearly 20 mass shootings in the last 2 WEEKS, passage of this bill is URGENT!

Historically, America’s gun laws ensured that enslaved and free Black people couldn’t access weapons they could use to fight back. Today, 24% of Black people own guns – but 48% of white men do. 

American gun ownership has never been about “safety.” It has ALWAYS been about upholding white supremacy.

Gun control, while necessary, won't eliminate white supremacy or gun violence – and our community’s need for proactive self-defense is real! We should always be wary of “non-violent protest” messaging, when white supremacists will continue to arm themselves. And like Congresswoman Jackson Lee, we must prepare for a long fight!

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