Is There Really A Gender Divide In The Black Community?

Black man and woman couple
Leslie Taylor-Grover
April 28, 2020

Fact #1: The divide between us started with the creation of fictional messed-up stereotypes. For example, our women were cast as evil, hypersexual “Sapphires” and “Jezebels,” and our men were portrayed as cooning, sex-crazed “Bucks.” 

It gets worse.

Fact #2: Black men were hailed as more valuable than Black women during slavery. White supremacists later continued the tradition, convincing many that men’s real nemesis was the “emasculating” Black women seeking to hold them back. This BS was promoted to PROTECT WHITE POWER across the globe.

It gets deeper.

Fact #3: We originated from an entire continent of excellence, and EVERYWHERE on earth we went, we created powerful legacies. This happened largely because of a social structure where men and women played different but equally-valued roles. That’s a big reason colonizers had to dismantle this structure.

But what scared these liars the most?

Fact #4: We revolted against their oppression, and we did it TOGETHER. We aimed at the white power structure. We sent the message that our greatness will NEVER be stomped out.

NOW what?

Fact #5: We continue to fight! We make it known that “Sapphire,” “Buck,” and other tropes are BS. We support each other. Above all, we annihilate racist lies head-on by controlling OUR OWN narratives. Survival is our genetic code. We will not be eternally oppressed if we work together!

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