What Happened To This Black Couple Is Outrageous

May 7, 2019

Stephanie Washington and Paul Witherspoon are a young Connecticut Black couple that’s lucky to be alive. They were sitting in the car listening to R&B when two officers came out of nowhere, shooting up the car they were sitting in.  

Paul wasn’t injured, but Stephanie was shot. Police body cams weren’t turned on until AFTER they had already begun engaging the couple, who they supposedly suspected were other perpetrators they were pursuing.

Protests have broken out calling for the removal of these two police officers and rightfully so. We’re sick and tired of Black people being carelessly shot for just EXISTING. We always seem to fit the description of whoever needs to be killed.

Another lesson in this situation lies in the fact that the two officers, Terrance Pollock and Devin Eaton, are Black, proving that “all skinfolk ain’t kinkfolk.” This is a rude awakening that just because officers look like us, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to do the right thing.

ANYTHING can be interrupted by police brutality when you’re Black, even Black love. And when it’s all said and done we’ll continue to hear excuses, but we know these officers have got to GO.

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