Without Black Culture, These Fashions Wouldn't Exist

Stylish women
Leslie Taylor-Grover
February 9, 2021

When it comes to fashion, if it’s for the culture, you can trust it’s from the culture. Here are trends that were started by US:

#1: Nail Extensions - While Egyptian women were thought to have worn nail extensions created from ivory, gold and bone, in the 1970s extensions became associated with Black women on the disco scene.

#2: Hoop Earrings - These earrings date back to Nubia, when they were made of gold and bronze. These earrings have endured everything, from the 1930s Jazz age, to the Black Power Movement, to now.

#3: Logos Everywhere - Though logos themselves don’t belong exclusively to us, the use of logos was mostly on luggage and bags - that is until Dapper Dan, one of the creators of streetwear, started printing all-over logos on the fabric of coats, shoes, and other clothing.

#4: Script Necklaces - Since at least the 1980s, nameplates have been a part of hip hop culture. At least some white designers were honest enough to admit they stole the style from Black kids in Harlem!

Fashion trends like these are a critical part of our culture. They drive the entire fashion industry. We must strive to celebrate our brilliance and innovation, recognize their value and their place in our amazing culture, and to support Black designers as they continue to set trends!

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