Her Dominance Paved The Way for Serena, Coco, and Naomi

Althea Gibson was athletic from a young age. First training in boxing and paddle ball, then running away from home at age 13 in favor of street fighting, she took up tennis reluctantly. 

“I really wasn’t the tennis type,” she wrote. “I kept wanting to fight the other player.”

20 Years Of Creative Dedication Got Her Here

Mainstream music awards have been doing Black women artists wrong for decades. Did you know Aretha Franklin was NEVER nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys? 

Well, MTV is finally acknowledging a legendary hitmaker for something we’ve known for decades. That legend is Missy Elliott. And she DESERVES the Video Vanguard Award. 

What Did These Black Church Traditions Mean To Our Survival?

Black Christians express their faith in and worship God in a number of deeply-held traditions.

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to misunderstand the place of tradition within the contemporary struggle for liberation. And yet, there is value to be found. 

This "Harmless" Stereotype is Killing Black Children

About 70% of Black Americans have low or no swimming ability, putting them at risk any time they come into contact with water.

Black children are FIVE TIMES more likely to drown than white children! Hundreds of Black children drown EVERY year. The reasons for this are complex. 

Inequality Is Deadly And It's Killing More People Than Crime

We see it every day: homelessness, poverty, and hunger are all things we view as almost normal. Yet, the thought of violent crime stands out as something much scarier to most. 

But there’s another perspective on inequality that you need to know about. 

What Made His People Reject A One Way Ticket To Africa And Prosperity?

Massachusetts sea captain Paul Cuffee confronted problems head-on.

In 1812, he was accused of violating a trade embargo with Great Britain and their new colony Sierra Leone. When his ship was seized, he took the matter up with President James Madison himself. 

You Need to Know The True History of Carnival

Joe Budden recently came under fire for implying that Carnival just about being a “ho.” This self-hate, ignorance, and sexism happens when we don’t know the true history of our people’s cultural traditions. So what is Carnival really about?

Originally an African pagan celebration, Carnival was appropriated by Europeans, connected with Catholic celebrations around Holy Week, and turned into high-society masquerade balls.